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Improve the success of rice dryer FRD-4

Từ máy sấy dùng năng lượng điện, một mẻ sấy mất từ 14-15 tiếng đồng hồ, một nhóm kỹ sư đã cải tiến thành công máy sấy lúa FRD-4 sử dụng nhiều nguồn năng lượng, thời gian sấy còn 10 tiếng, độ ẩm ổn định cải tiến thành công máy sấy lúa.
However, the downside of the machine is a batch rice drying time too long, consuming large power, grain moisture content of rice seeds after drying does not guarantee quality sprouting some new varieties. One other inconvenience is that when the erratic power supply, the drying process of rice grain and seed quality is affected by improvements to the rice dryer.

The inconvenience was soon on the Center's team of engineers and technical consultancy, biological, environmental and intellectual property rights of Da Nang (Vietnam Union of Scientific and Technical Da Nang) radical treatment to. The dryer is enhanced with many outstanding features such as drying time reduced to 10-12 hours per batch, the humidity reached 12% of the ideal is to ensure germination rates over 90% of improved rice varieties successfully carried rice dryer.

In particular, using the dryer not only power that can use other fuels such as firewood, firewood, straw ... so the price per ton of paddy drying using only 1 / 3 improvement compared to previous successful Dryer rice.
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