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Renewable Energy: The solution supports power saving

Nếu các nguồn năng lượng tái tạo tham gia cân máy phát điện bằng được một vài phần trăm tổng nhu cầu điện hiện nay, cũng đồng nghĩa tiết kiệm được mức ấy điện năng, vì nguồn năng lượng tái tạo, không khai thác là bỏ phí, không để dành được như nguồn năng lượng truyền thống (than, dầu, nguyên tử).
Although new, complex, large scale may be especially high cost should also wait state subsidies for developing large scale renewable energy sources. But now there are some possible solutions, and development need to focus and be seen as power-saving solutions effectively.

. Take advantage of cattle, poultry

Currently, solutions to take advantage of cattle and poultry for fermentation to biogas production is being implemented effectively in province of Tien Giang. The idea to conduct this work comes from livestock and use of biogas surplus Bui Hoang Lang family in Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang Province.

Because of farmers in Tien Giang biogas use quite a lot, but not all should be discharged into the air, just as environmental pollution and waste medium. So he Bui Hoang Lang was invented to help people take advantage of these emissions. The substitution of gasoline-powered engine with an output of 1kW, 2kW and 4kW to use biogas fuel for small farms of about 10-30 pigs has brought not only economic efficiency for households but also effective measures to save energy, because when using biogas fuel per hour and the engine will use 50% cost reduction compared to current gasoline prices.

This solution is also deployed at Da Nang Hoa Vang-rooted ideas of Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga. Nguyen Huu Thang farm owner-beneficiary subject said: For the farm nearly 6 hectares each month to pay approximately 1 million electric bills, but since by using biogas for irrigation, the farm cost savings from 600,000 to 800,000 VND per month.

The most important problem in using biogas as fuel in the biogas storage tank, so, now, Research Centre for Environmental Protection (UD) is working with Prefecturre Osaka University (Japan edition) study the absorptive capacity of methane in the biogas is to be loaded into the biogas tank with regular gas volume increased 5 times compared to current average for use as fuel to supply gas to running the engine small car. For rural areas, farms with a size of 20 or more pigs can use heat engines powered by biogas instead of petrol, oil and electricity.

. Energy "green" for the traffic signal system

a generator
After testing installed at a number of roads in the inner city of Bien Hoa (Dong Nai), the head of traffic signal lights with solar energy (called energy "green") was limited significant use of grid power and this is very significant in the current period of power shortages.

The project uses the traffic light signal head with solar power is the traffic safety development in Dong Nai province in 2007. Traffic Safety Committee of Dong Nai Province, said the head weighed the advantages of signal lights use solar panel that can accumulate energy and maintain the operation of signal lights to 48 hours. System to use solar power works quite stable and do not use the power grid, the installation is simple, not digging the way to install just like the head lamp using grid power. Do not need to connect the national grid would eliminate expensive cabling system has just lost beauty.

. Improve performance with 5S

5S is a term derived from Japanese, means: filter, sort, clean, care, ready. At first it seemed not to hear anything related to saving energy, but actually improving performance has great effect to use energy efficiently.

may phat dienJapanese concept is that you must be clean before the garbage, but for the opposite Vietnam, just clean up when garbage. Therefore, for "screening", "sort" and "clean" as the Japanese, they must "take care", must set out the regulations made from time to time, have formed the habit of asthma to "ready" to see garbage, that dirty, messy that is not tolerable. 5S helps make it a habit to work for a collective discipline. Accordingly, officers and employees are proud of the work place clean and safe, creating a solid foundation for the implementation of improvement activities, build a sense of improvement for people at work, building team spirit at the same time, the leadership development of staff and management ...

However, in the consultation process showed that 5S, for enterprises, more effective application of state agencies. Because, in the only state agency communication, encouraging staff members voluntarily, made sense, not mandatory implementation as nghiep.Trong business venture, if something has provisions is to perform, not perform will be deducted from salary, bonuses, competition, achievement ...

Vietnam is one of the poorest countries on energy resources, the rate of conversion of primary energy sources (coal, petroleum, uranium, hydropower), average per capita are much lower than many countries gender, therefore, energy savings must be seen to the right to take action right. According to the experience of developed countries, at least 30% of energy needs can and should be met by savings measures. These are factors that policy makers should pay attention to energy to ensure national energy security. /
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