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U.S. companies want to build photovoltaic plant in Vietnam

Một công ty sản xuất điện từ năng lượng mặt trời của Mỹ muốn xây dựng nhà máy quang năng tại Việt Nam để tăng sản lượng điện.
First Solar's website - the company is headquartered in the city of Tempe, Arizona, U.S. - said its board wanted to build two new factories in Vietnam and the U.S. to increase power output by 500 MW.

First Solar photovoltaic factory in the U.S., Malaysia, Germany and France. Current total electricity output of 1,400 MW of the company. The company wants to double the power output increase to more than 2700 MW in 2012 and projects to build two new plants are part of the plan. Two plants using photovoltaic cells and super-slim new generation is designed to increase capacity in the future.

"The expansion of photovoltaic plants help us meet the needs of U.S. electricity use, and speed up the roadmap for reducing the price of electricity from solar energy, "said Rob Gillette, CEO of First Solar, development expression.

Each new plant photosynthesis in the U.S. and Vietnam will create about 600 jobs, First Solar said.
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